Yay!! It’s Friday and almost time for the weekend! 👏🏽. I wanted to share a quick post on a few of my favorite items that I use and need on a daily basis. Take a look below……..
1. Clarisonic 

By far one of my faves when it comes to daily facial cleaning. I use this multiple times a day, usually in the morning and again at night. You can find this in most department stores, Sephora….I personally purchased it from Macy’s. 
2. Maybelline Party Pink Lipstick 

I absolutely love 😍 this lipstick. I carry it in my purse everyday. It’s a very nice color that I feel can be worn daily and works well with whatever you’re wearing. It’s smooth, glides on perfect, doesn’t chap your lips (like some other brands 🙄) and most importantly it’s only about $5.99 at your local Target, Walmart or CVS. 🙌🏾
3.  Oil Absorbing Sheets 

I personally have oily skin and living in sunny, hot and humid Florida it doesn’t help at all. 😩. I have about 5 boxes of these stashed all over…my apt, the office, the car, my purse…needless to say I keep and use them everyday day/multiple times a day. It’s helps to get rid of oil on my face but also continues to keep makeup in tact throughout the day. Great item to have if you’re like me! You can find these in your local drugstore for about $5-6. 

AB, xoxo