It’s Wednesday and I wanted to share a few items on my wish list!  Every girl has a “wish list” of items that are either a little out of their price range or something they’ve been saving for. Check out a few of my “Wednesday Wish List Items” below. 


1. I’ve never been one into labels but while strolling through my timeline I spotted this sleek Versace bag. Very sophisticated and simple. Just my style. 

Via Spiga 

2.  On one of my most recent shopping adventures I came across these Via Spiga shoes at Nordstrom Rack. I immediately said “I have to have them.” 😩 I quickly glanced at the price which was $180 and that quickly changed to hmmmm not sure. A little out of the budget for this month but hoping and wishing I can find them cheaper online. I’ll be sure to share if I do! πŸ˜‰


3.  Every lady has their “signature scent”. My go to is Chanel – I absolutely love. 😍. Lately I’ve been trying to find others that compliment me. I discovered Creed for women. It was amazing but a little pricey. I may splurge for a special occasion but for now I have to stick to my Chanel. ☺️   

By the way, it retails at $305! 😳

AB, xoxo