It’s been a looooooong week but the weekend is here! 👏🏽 Check out a few of my favorite items below that are each under $100. 😉

1. RayBans

These are by far one of my favorite pair of RayBans that I picked up from Nordstrom Rack. If you haven’t taken a visit to NR – you should immediately! They have amazing deals on RayBans. These are very durable – can wear to the beach and wouldn’t have to worry about them breaking.  Cost: $89 – much lower than the average pair. 😊

2.  Cutout Faux Leather Sandals

Ok so don’t look at me weird but I absolutely love these sandals. LoL 😂 I wear them with so many different outfits. They are cute but also comfy and were a great deal at Forever 21. They are currently on sale for $27.99. I actually purchased 2 pair lol (don’t judge me 😩). Checkout below a few different looks I’ve worn with these adorable sandals. 😊

AB, xoxo