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Graphic T shirt

Count the ways…

Oversized shirts are so in style now! I recently purchased an oversized shirt form Zara and I loved it. I wasn’t sure how to wear it and played around with a few different ways.

 I think a common problem with oversized shirts is their “oversized” and sometimes not the most flattering.  I tried the off the shoulder look which I don’t think is practical for me if I’m out and about. 

My favorite was actually rolling up the sleeves which made it a little puffy but I liked it. How are you wearing this trend?!? 



Graphic T-Shirts

Spring is here and Summer is near! 🙂

My go to attire for this summer will definitely be Graphic T-shirts and jean shorts or a skirt.  Tees are so versatile and can be worn in multiple ways.

Most recently I decided to start designing my own line of graphic t-shirts.  I wanted something that was motivational because hey who doesn’t need a little uplifting from time to time.

“Stay patient and trust your journey” are words that I live by and wanted to create something that expresses that.

Check out how I styled this graphic T! 

Purchase this Graphic T shirt by clicking here! 



AB xoxo

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