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Polka Dot Dress

I’ve never been a huge fan of polka dots but this trend is not going away anytime soon!  I recently purchased this adorable dress from Zara.   It was such a good find for under $20!  Not only am I fan of the silhouette of the dress but the puffy sleeves adds to it! IMG_0165


I paired the dress with black booties also from Zara for only $29.99!  I fell in love with these ruffled ankle boots.  To add a little color, the red hat was the icing on the cake along with the two necklaces from H&M.




This is my second polka dot item purchased and I would definitely be willing to purchase more.  Will you be wearing polka dots this spring???



A Simple Way to Wear Metallic Skirts! 

Metallic colors have definitely been a trend! From awards shows to our most popular bloggers, we’ve seen this EVERYWHERE! 

While I was in H&M I came across a great deal. Mettalic skirt for $15. I couldn’t pass it up and decided to purchase. I figured I’d find something I have already to go with it.  I decided to go with a tom boy Chic look with sneakers and a bomber jacket.  You can pair your metallic skirt with heels or if you want to be comfy like me – throw on a pair of converse or adidas.   I had fun with this look! 💁🏽

Check out it below!!  What would you wear with your metallic skirt??? 

Outfit Details:
Bomber Jacket | over 5 years old. 🤔
Skirt | H&M 
Sports Bra | Calvin Klein via Urban outfitters 
Sneakers | Converse via DSW 
Clear Frames | Urban outfitters 
Photo Cred: Katie D 

AB, xoxo 

Must Haves For An Edgy Look! 

Depending on my mood, sometimes I want to be a little edgy/rock Chic. It gives me a sense of freedom and makes me feel like somewhat of a badass. (LoL). 

I believe there’s a few essential items needed in order to achieve the “edgy” look. Check out my four items below!!! 

1.  Black or Dark Blue Denim Skinny Jeans – must fit at the ankle 

2.  Boots – I prefer just above the ankle but not so much at the knee. DSW has great selections. 

3. Leather Jacket – Must be cropped. I found the perfect Leather Moto Jacket from Zara for just under $50. Forever21 also has great options for under $50 as well. 

4. Sunglasses – My personal choice are aviators. I love RayBans! and Nordstrom Rack has great deals for under $120. If you’re not looking to spend that amount…Walmart, Target and Urban Outfitters typically have a great selection as well. 

There you have it ladies! Take a look below of my rocker/ edgy Chic outfit below. 

Outfit Details:  

1. Moto Jacket | Zara: Under $50 

2.  Graphic Sweatshirt | Forever21: Under $20 

3. Jeans | UrbanOutfitters: Under $40 

4. Boots | Steve Madden by way of DSW: Under $50 

Photo Cred:  Katie D 

AB, xoxo

How To Wear…High Waist Shorts

High waist everything is in – bathing suits, shorts, jeans…EVERYTHING! 😊. I personally love high waist shorts or jeans. Remember when high waist jeans were considered “mom jeans” but now that has definitely changed. 

There’s so many ways you can wear high waist shorts. You can wear it with a tucked in top or even a crop top. I prefer a crop top of some sort because I have such a short torso.  I found these “wool like”trousers at Zara for a steal. They were only $30. The material is a little thick but I like it. It can be a transition item into the fall. ☺️

So many ways you can wear these high waist shorts…check out my look below. 
Outfit Details: 

Top: Zara 

Shorts: Zara – $30 

Sunglasses: Oscar De La Renta 

Photo Credit: Katie D. 

Labor Day…No More White? 🤔🙄

I’ve always asked myself, why did my mom always say as a kid…”you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day?” I’m thinking summer isn’t officially over and depending on your location…it’s very much still hot! ( like Florida). 
I’m a firm believer that fashion rules are made to broken and in my opinion this is one of them. So ladies – break out your winter white! 

After all, CoCo Chanel wore white all year around as one of her staples. 

Check out a few photos of my all white look below. 

Outfit Details: 

Bathing suite: Asos (as seen in a previous post) 

White shirt: Urban Outfitters 

Shoes: NineWest 

Photo Credit: Katie D. 

Not only does Labor Day means no white attire but it also means…sales, sales, and more sales. I’m definitely going to take advantage of these and will post later all of my great finds. 

Take a look a below for some of my favorite stores currently having Labor Day sales: 

1. Aldo shoes – 30% discount 

2. The Limited – 60% discount on sale items 

3. Victoria’s Secret- 7 for $27.50 panty sale 

4. Kenneth Cole – 60% sale 

5. Ann Taylor- Extra 50% discount 

6. Nine West – 75% sale 

7. HauteLook – 80% discount 

8. Armani Exchange- 25% discount 

9. Nike- Extra 25% of clearance 

10. H&M – 60% discount 
Happy Shopping! 

AB, xoxo

Friday’s Favorites!!😍

It’s been a looooooong week but the weekend is here! 👏🏽 Check out a few of my favorite items below that are each under $100. 😉

1. RayBans

These are by far one of my favorite pair of RayBans that I picked up from Nordstrom Rack. If you haven’t taken a visit to NR – you should immediately! They have amazing deals on RayBans. These are very durable – can wear to the beach and wouldn’t have to worry about them breaking.  Cost: $89 – much lower than the average pair. 😊

2.  Cutout Faux Leather Sandals

Ok so don’t look at me weird but I absolutely love these sandals. LoL 😂 I wear them with so many different outfits. They are cute but also comfy and were a great deal at Forever 21. They are currently on sale for $27.99. I actually purchased 2 pair lol (don’t judge me 😩). Checkout below a few different looks I’ve worn with these adorable sandals. 😊

AB, xoxo 

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