Things My Money Can Buy

Shrug It Off!

Just like many of you, I’ve noticed this trend EVERYWHERE!  Which trend is it?  Off the shoulder tops!  Every girl out on a Saturday night has an off the shoulder shirt on.  A version of the “cold shoulder” dress or top, this trend can be seen in different forms.

Off the should ruffle tops are probably my favorite but I’ve never purchased one until I came across this beautiful top when I was purchasing merchandise for my online store.  I fell in love with it and thought other women would love it too!  It’s affordable and can be worn with jeans, shorts, casual or dressed up.

Take a look below ladies and click here to purchase!! 

Outfit Details:

Top | Things My Money Can Buy –

Jeans | Zara

Shoes | Zara

Photo Cred:  Katie D.



AB, xoxo



Romper Obsession!

Tis the season for floral prints and rompers!  I am definitely for this trend ladies.  πŸ™‚

Forever 21 has so many great rompers at affordable prices.  I love this look because it’s versatile and can be dressed up or down.  I’m a fan of the more floral and spring pieces, it’s just the perfect time of the year to wear a one piece made of shorts. LoL.  I know many of you have a variety of events to attend to during the spring and summer season – you can’t go wrong with this look!

Check out my take on rompers below!
Photo Cred: Katie Decker 

Outfit Details:


Romper | Forever21

Shoes | Target

Choker | H&M

AB, xoxo

Graphic T-Shirts

Spring is here and Summer is near! πŸ™‚

My go to attire for this summer will definitely be Graphic T-shirts and jean shorts or a skirt.  Tees are so versatile and can be worn in multiple ways.

Most recently I decided to start designing my own line of graphic t-shirts.  I wanted something that was motivational because hey who doesn’t need a little uplifting from time to time.

“Stay patient and trust your journey” are words that I live by and wanted to create something that expresses that.

Check out how I styled this graphic T! 

Purchase this Graphic T shirt by clicking here! 



AB xoxo

OOTD – The LimitedΒ 

For a long time as a young professional, The Limited was my go to spot for “office looks”.   Coincidently it was a lot of ladies in my office “go to” as well. After a while I branched out and started mixing and matching looks that work for the office. 

A few months ago I was getting so many emails from The Limited on sale deals. After some time I started to realize they were closing their locations. For old time sake, I decided to take advantage of these great sales. Lol.  The Eva Longoria was by far my favorite collection. Very classy but chic!  I love how the collection incorporated leather into many of the looks.  Check out one of my fave red dresses below!  You will be missed The Limited. 

Outfit Details: 
Dress | The Limited 
Boots | Aldo’s Shoes 

Photo Cred: Katie D 

AB, xoxo

Splurge Alert! Gucci Espadrilles

From time to time ladies we like to splurge on ourselves.  For some that maybe a new outfit, others that may be a trip to the spa or for some that maybe a pair of shoes.  Needless to say, we all work hard and feel like we deserve the items we’ve always wanted.

Earlier this year, I received these Gucci espadrilles as a gift because personally I could never see myself paying retail $450 for a pair of shoes.  For me, that’s just not in the budget!  LoL.

However, I will say this.  These shoes are awesome!  They are super comfortable and casual.  I love the color, it stands out!  They also come in different styles – click here to view additional styles and colors!  I think these are a great alternative to wearing sneakers when you want to be just casual.

Valentines Day is only a few days away ladies!  *Wink Wink*

Check out how I styled these Gucci Espadrilles.

Outfit Details: 

Shirt | Zara – Under $30 (Love this shirt – My absolute favorite! )

Jeans | Zara – Under $40

Shoes | Gucci – $450

Photo Cred: Katie D 


 AB, xoxo

New Trend Alert! Wood Watches…

Lately I’ve been noticing this new trend with wood watches.  Yes, I said wood!  With that said, I was super excited when JORD Watches reached out to me to create a giveaway campaign for all of my followers.

When the watch arrived, the packaging was amazing.  The watch was delivered in a beautiful wooden box and did I mention they offer pre-sizing prior to delivery.  For me this was perfect because I always have to get links removed from my watches.  I’ve gotten so many questions about this watch!  Ladies, you won’t be disappointed.  This is a great gift for you or him, especially when Valentine’s Day is approaching!

JORD and I are partnering together for a special giveaway to all of my followers. $100 discount code will be provided to the lucky winner at the end of the contest. The best part of this, all entries will receive a $25 discount code at the end of the contest on March 5th.

Click HERE to enter now!!!

Luxury Wooden Watch

AB, xoxo 

All Black Look! β™ οΈ

Black is by far my most favorite color to wear. Something about it makes me feel empowered. 

I fell in love with faux leather dress from Zara. It was only $30 on sale and so comfortable. This dress is so versatile and can be styled in many ways – casual or more of a dressed up look. I decided to pair it with my over the knee boots from Aldo’s Shoes. 

This look is flattering, chic and effortless. Ladies, you can’t go wrong with an all black look!  

Photo Cred: Katie D 

AB, xoxo 

A Simple Way to Wear Metallic Skirts!Β 

Metallic colors have definitely been a trend! From awards shows to our most popular bloggers, we’ve seen this EVERYWHERE! 

While I was in H&M I came across a great deal. Mettalic skirt for $15. I couldn’t pass it up and decided to purchase. I figured I’d find something I have already to go with it.  I decided to go with a tom boy Chic look with sneakers and a bomber jacket.  You can pair your metallic skirt with heels or if you want to be comfy like me – throw on a pair of converse or adidas.   I had fun with this look! πŸ’πŸ½

Check out it below!!  What would you wear with your metallic skirt??? 

Outfit Details:
Bomber Jacket | over 5 years old. πŸ€”
Skirt | H&M 
Sports Bra | Calvin Klein via Urban outfitters 
Sneakers | Converse via DSW 
Clear Frames | Urban outfitters 
Photo Cred: Katie D 

AB, xoxo 

Fashion Statements!Β 

One of the great things about fashion is that you’re able to express yourself! I love clothing or brands that actually make a statement – literally or figuratively. 

I came across this shirt below at Zara that I absolutely love because it spoke to me when I immediately saw it.  Inspiring others is so important! 

Check out another shirt from Zara that is currently on sale for $22! Click link below.

Outfit Details

Shirt | Zara – $30

Pants | Forever21 -15

Shoes | Zara – $60

Photo Credit:  Katie D 

AB, xoxo